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Loyalty Channel for local businesses

Loyalty Channel for local businesses

Mobility is what feeds local commerce. Local businesses have to pay a higher rent for locations near busy routes (foot traffic). Some, rely on street vendors to directly connect with commuters on the road. There is a better way.

Eywa lets businesses and service providers:

Sponsor the trips coming to their locations.

Promote their offers and attract commuters.

Reward them (with free miles) for coming.

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Financing plan for micro-transporters

Micro-transporters move 80% of commuters in Africa, and yet have no access to mobility subsidies. EyWa designed a fresh program, in partnership with mobile operators and banks to:

Finance their working capital: daily expenses, repairs, fleets renewals.
Eliminate cash and queues thanks to digital tickets and automated boarding.
Move more people each day, safely and decently.

Case Studies

Checkout how forward thinking transporters and local businesses use EyWa.

Touristique Express, one of the largest intercity bus operators in central Africa, was the first to join EyWa and Orange in Cameroun, listing their most popular route (Douala - Yaounde) Travelers connect to EyWa (ussd App), book needed trips then pay with Orange Money, all within the same booking session. A mobile ticket is issued and used to board.

Camrail (Bolloré Logistics Africa) launched with EyWa and Orange, listing their trains routes from Douala, Yaoundé, and Ngaoundere. Travelers can book from their mobiles days in advance, select the needed train departure and seat, then pay with Orange Money.

A “Management Dashboard” lets transporters monitor their “digital” sales in real-time, across the country. For each trip, an "Electronic Manifest" is created for branch managers to track the bookings and filling rate.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is the latest trend in urban mobility for mega cities in Africa: dedicate bus lines, new stations, shiny fleets etc.. BRTs are very attractive for populations and stations get quickly crowded with thousands of commuters queuing to buy tickets and struggling to board. Legacy BRT fare collection systems are expensive and rarely meet the actual challenges on the ground.

EyWa is the Digital Ticketing platform designed for this reality:

  • Minimal hardware and equipment requirements.
  • Mobile booking to eliminate queues and cash collection.
  • Smart tickets validation technology and automated boarding with QR cards (marginal cost)

EyWa partners with BRT operators and public transport agencies to provide the right “soft”ware infrastructure after their significant investments in “hard” infrastructure.

Social and cultural events are critical in any city. Sport and Music generally attract thousands attendees in stadiums which still rely on cash and paper tickets that attendees spend hours in queues to purchase.

With EyWa

  • Users find planned events, book and pay with mobile money hours or days in advance.
  • On the event day, they simply scan their EyWa QR Card to attend. No more queues.

Digital infrastructure to move people, at the fare they can afford, without compromising on safety.

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