About Us


Mobility is a basic right

IIt determines how far people can work, where they can find their wants and needs, who they can meet and connect with. Without mobility, populations are disconnected and many crisis simply stem from neglecting areas. In Africa, subsidies are limited (if any) and mass- transit is left to informal, ageless and overcrowded buses. We set out to fix this. Looking beyond routes, we realized that transport is also

What fuels the offline economy. It is to local businesses (retail, education, healthcare …) what the Nil river is to Egyptian farmers. This is why in every bus stop, commuters are surrounded by an army of street vendors, risking their lives on the road, for a quick sale. We are creating a Circular Economy around Mobility, where commuters, transport operators, local businesses, service providers can all benefit by going digital.

Our goal is to move over a billion Africans decently, at the cost they can afford, without compromising on safety.